Binaural sound – Workshop and show

Lucie proposes the discovery of 3D sound through workshops for professionals like the general public or school children. The sessions are adapted to the age of the audience and take place mainly in the Brittany region.

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Binaural workshop

Discover the binaural technologies: the history, sound recording methods, 3D sound synthesis, the fields of application … On the program, the presentation is illustrated by different immersive experiences: sound walk, sound fictions, performances…

You will experience an interactive demonstration from the dummy head and we will exchange together about potential applications of this technology.

To finish, it’s up to you to play! Make your own sound creation in 3D and enjoy!

Capacity: 10 people maximum.
Duration: 3 hours with presentation / listening / discovery option or 6 hours with the option to realize a 3D sound project in a group.
Equipment provided : an amp headphones, 6 headphones + sound equipment.

To be provided by the organizer: a reception area, 4 headphones, 1 power strip and 1 extension cord.

binaural show

Show binaural

Enter in the bubble sound of binaural… Lucie offers you an immersive and interactive binaural show, listening and interactive games around 3D sound.
Warning, 3D sound! The headphone is therefore recommended …

Teaser show binaural

by Lucie Hardoin

Capacity: 25 people maximum.
Duration: 30 minutes.

Sound napping

A total immersion in a sound environment as if you were there!
On the program soundwalks and soundscapes, dramas, poetry and music. An invitation to the sound bubble of the binaural. Let yourself be carried by the power of 3D sound. Open the doors of your imagination, and let it express itself.
Experience an unforgettable experiment. Warning ! You will escape! Realism and trip guaranteed.

Capacity: 20 people.
Duration: 60 minutes.