About Lucie

After training as a musician and sound engineer, Lucie Hardoin is interested in new technologies through binaural sound and video.

Since her studies in Brest, she specializes in capturing soundscape and sound walks using the technique of binaural sound she discovered with Pascal Rueff. First of all, it builds a dummy head and then equips herself with the famous Neumann KU100. She use synthesis binaural plugins to make a 3D environment from any sound recording. With this equipment, she record soundscapes during our trip and captures multichannel concerts in order to share them in binaural.

‘’I consider the binaural as a “sound portal” allowing to travel in 3D sound making possible by listening with headphone. Thanks to this technique, it is possible to faithfully capture a sound territory and this notion is important in the idea of ​​preserving and archiving our sound heritage. ‘’

In addition to offering its know-how in binaural sound production, recording and mixing, Lucie organizes 3D sound discovery workshops.

Binaural Travelogue

Binaural travelogue all around the world

Binaural Production

Documentary, sound postcard, fiction…

Binaural consulting

Sound reconding advice and binaural content creation


Workshop about 3D sound technologies
Jazz lover, Lucie Hardoin came in New York in 2004 where she directed with Ronan Cabon four 52-minute documentaries about the new scene jazz in New York : “Free Zone”, “Bands of Brooklyn”, “Where is Jazz going?” 1 and 2. These films were showed in several music jazz festivals and events.

At the same time, she set up workshops to promote jazz to young people.
She develops other workshops, this time around image and sound, to transmit her passion about cinéma.

Acting as a sound engineer in fictions and documentaries projects for several years, she also develops a link between image, sound, music and cinema, creating her own visual content and using live video mixing tools.

She is a professional teacher in varous schools in Brittany : ISB (Image and Sound Brest), Rennes 2 University, BTS option sound in Lesneven, ESRA (high school of audiovisual production) in Rennes.