Teaching in audiovisual training

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Lucie teaches as a professional in audiovisual training in several graduate schools: ISB (Image and Sound Brest), Rennes 2 University, BTS option sound in Lesneven and ESRA Rennes (École Supérieure de Réalisation Audiovisuelles).


1- Soundscapes
Aesthetic and technical approaches, analysis of a concrete case, sound walk, sound heritage.
Duration : 3h

2- Sound in cinema
History, techniques and aesthetics from the beginnings to the present day
Duration : 1h

3- Sound in cinema
Method of production, sound recording, sound analysis of a scenario.
duration : 4h + 6h or 12h of practice by group of 6 students

3- Sound in cinema
Post Production
Duration : 2h

5- Sound in cinema
Staging and sound production: study of the sound / image link, projection and analysis of a concrete case.
Duration : 3h

6- Documentary
General presentation, structures, technical implementation and post-production.
Duration: 3 hours

7- Binaural natural listening and stereo recording
Duration: 3 hours

8- 3D Sound: binaural techniques, recording and synthesis
Duration : 4 hours + 6 hours of practice by group of 6 students

Teaching  -  Shooting film
Teaching - Video editing
Teaching - voice-over recording